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Is Alli your Ally in weight loss?

Alli is the first FDA approved Diet Pill in the US for over the counter sales.
It is a low dosage version of Xenical (A prescription Weight Loss Pill)
It works by blocking Fat absorption in the Digestive system.

So, obviously, the concept is that you absorb less fat, so that your body uses the fat stores in your body instead of in the food that you eat as an energy source.

On the surface, this sounds great.

But as you dive deeper into the information on this drug…

Here's GlaxoSmithKline's primary website on the Alli system

Alli is not just a 60 cent per pill, 3 times a day capsule that you take before each meal.
It is also a low fat diet plan to go with it that reduces the "treatment effects" of taking this pill.

"Treatment Effects" is a nice way of saying side effects, which has slightly more negative connotations.
Basically, you are going on a low fat diet, and taking a pill that will make you very aware of when you have taken in more than 15 grams of fat in a meal.

The website has a beautiful gentle toned flash presentation on how Alli works that really glosses over what is going to happen to you if you don't stick to the 15 Fat grams diet, and go over this amount in a meal.

Basically, they say that if you go over roughly 15 Grams of fat, you will experience these "treatment effects" of having the undigested fat passing through your system.
They Explain that this passing of undigested fat is not harmful, but should be looked at as a sign that you have gone over your new diet's prescribed fat limit. And should be an incentive to stick to the diet.

The Gentle wording they use for what these side effects might include are:

  • Loose stools
  • More frequent stools that may be hard to control
  • Gas with oily spotting.

I just about Shat my pants when I watched this…
And if you go on this, you just might do so.

OK, so remove the pretty language and take a real look at what is going to happen to you if you have too much fat in one meal, and are taking the Alli weight loss pill before your meals.

Let me translate here:

  • Loose stools - Diarrhea
  • More frequent stools that may be hard to control - Uncontrollable diarrhea
  • Gas with oily spotting - Dirty bubble spots on your pants at unexpected moments

If these are side effects you are willing to deal with…

Heck, this sounds like a pretty good diet, that comes with its own self control mechanism.

If you don't take control of what you put in your mouth the Alli weight loss pill is going to make you suffer for it.

The "program" that you are supposed to go on with the $2 per day drug habit sticks to the 7 habits of weight loss. Why not get rid of the middle man and take control of your own choices?

Philip Kustner
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Alli Weight Loss Pills may keep you motivated.
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