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Looking for a Diet Food Program?

I'd like to define a Diet Food Program, as a weigh loss program that consists predominately of packaged, prepared diet food.

Here are the diets that I've looked at, which have, a number of diet food products available.
For some of them, the the prepared diet food is the core of the program. And, for others, it is a side effect brought on by other companies jumping on the band wagon, trying to ride the wave of these diets to make them into a Diet Food Program.

Dr. Atkins Protein Diet

What started out as a book, and then more books. Not all of which written by Dr. Atkins himself. Has now become a major industry, which includes licensed Atkins Diet food products. This is one example of how a good book and set of instructions for eating well can become a major corporatised Diet Food Program.

Jenny Craig Diet Plan

The Jenny Craig Diet Program, is a huge example of a Diet Food Program. This weigh loss program, is nothing but a program of diet food delivered to your door, backed by a set of counselors that help you keep on target to your weight loss goals. If you can stomach eating predominately prepared diet food, it may be the way for you to go. Weigh in on the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program and see what others have written.

LA Weight Loss System

Now, the chain of LA Weight Loss Centers claims that its program is not about selling you diet supplements, but that it is a coaching system and diet program to help you learn to eat properly and lose weight at the same time. But according to many complaints, there is a big push to purchase the company's diet aids and nutrition bars. Which is how they came to be on this list.

Medifast Diet Program

I have a little trouble calling the Medifast diet program a "Diet Food Program" because there is little or no actual food involved here.
Sure, they have a few prepared diet foods, snack bars, and soups. But this diet is mainly a majorly reduced calorie diet due to consuming Medifast shakes instead of actual meals twice a day.

NutriSystem Weight Loss Program

The Nutrisystems Diet is a prime example of what we are talking about here. It is based around eating 3 meals a day who's core is made up of a one of a wide array of shelf stable diet food to eat. Add in a few vegetables, fruits, and Nutrisystem Snacks...
And you've got a simple to follow plan for weight loss.

Slim Fast Diet Plan

The Slim Fast Diet Program, barely makes it into this list. Since it is predominately a meal replacement program involving Slim Fast Shakes.
Recently, they have changed things up a bit, and now provide a nice website where you can find healthy dieting tips similar to what is preached here. And a few tools to help you on your journey to a healthier, slimmer you.

South Beach Low Carb Diet

The South Beach diet food plan, is one of those diets that is really about learning healthy eating that leads to weight loss. But because of the incredible popularity of this low carb diet, there has come about a huge amount of prepared diet food based around the rules of this diet. There are entire companies devoted to making food for you based around this diet, and finding ways of getting it to your door.
So I had to include it in the Diet Food Program list.

Weight Watcher's

Weight Watchers has been around a long time.
It is more than just a food program, joining up gives you access to councelors to help you stick to your plan.
Their Food can be found everywhere. It's in Every grocery store as well as available through their Program locations and online.
Here's some Weight Watcher's tips to help you along.
Philip Kustner

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