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Dr Atkins Protein Diet

Dr Atkins protein diet, in its pure form is a very rigid and rather extreme method of losing weight fast. And if you can keep with it through the four phases, can be an incredible way to lose weight very quickly.
Atkins Diet Problem
A really big Atkins diet problem is that it goes against many long held "truths" about health and nutrition. This has lead to an incredible amount of very heated controversy about the effectiveness of this extremely low carb, high protein and fat diet. Dr Atkins protein diet also seems to push that fats are fine to consume in large quantities.
This diet is also practically impossible for vegetarians, since there is no source of protein on the diet for someone who won't eat meat.
Does Atkins Diet Work?
It most certainly does.
If you stick to it...
And a number of studies in the last 5 years have shown that Dr Atkins diet is at least as effective as the currently heavily defended low fat/high carbohydrate diet being pushed as the Food Pyramid here in the US.
In the short term, it has been shown to be more effective at rapid weight loss than a strictly calorie controlled low fat diet. And under currently published studies, appears to be slightly more effective at the one year mark, where most studies drop off.
Disadvantage of Atkins Diet
Like any highly restrictive diet, the disadvantage of Atkins diet is that it is very difficult to stay motivated to stay on it.
What we know about how our bodies work, tells us that we really should eat a certain amount of fruits, vegetables, and grains. And in the beginning phases of Dr Atkins protein diet, these are very nearly completely removed from the diet. But as you move into the third and fourth phase, they are brought back in, in smaller quantities than the widely held beliefs in the food pyramid.
Another disadantage of Atkins diet is that at the surface level it seems to push a lot of fats. Certain types of fats are great for you, but some of them have major health issues tied to them.
How Atkins Diet Works
Cutting the amount of carbohydrates to a level way below the amount our body needs to provide for its energy needs is how Atkins diet works. This causes the body to use its fat stores for energy instead of the oh so efficient source of carbohydrates.
Eating lots of meats, which give a lot of protein, and other foods that help you feel satiated more quickly, and for longer periods of time, actually cause you to eat less. And as such you end up consuming less calories. Which is really how you lose weight.
Atkins Diet Summary
Dr Atkins protein diet can be a great way to quickly drop excessive weight. Even though it really goes against currently held beliefs about health and nutrition.
Atkins diet problems could be eliminated by eating more lean red meats, high fat fish, and white meats.
It's not really about completely removing carbohydrates from your eating habits, but about cutting out all of the processed carbs like white bread and pastas, and replacing them with reasonable amounts of good natural carbs from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
This diet also stresses getting rid of the processed sugars that we know are so bad for us.

In my own humble opinion, Dr Atkins protein diet is a great start, with only a couple of minor flaws and could be a jump start on the way to better health through weight loss and nutrition.

The reality is any "Diet" is flawed, the only way to achieve real, lasting weight loss is to develop reasonable eating habits using unprocessed foods while consuming less calories than you burn.

Philip Kustner

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