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Free Exercise Programs

Looking to get fit but don’t have any money?

Free exercise programs are easy to find.

If you want to work out in the privacy of your own home there are multiple online programs that can get you started, help you keep on track, and put you in touch with others for support and encouragement.

Many of these programs help you find the type of exercise you enjoy, and provide information on nutrition and diet to help you reach your weight loss goals.

No Pressure Online Support

One of the best things about getting fit online is that you can get moral support from others, monitor and chart your progress, and yet remain completely anonymous. There is something to be said for operating without any pressure from others. You don’t have to make a big deal about it among your friends and so you won’t ever be seen to fail. Free exercise programs take the pressure out of exercise. There is no money involved, so no risk. Many people who have a tendency to buckle under pressure will do much better once the pressure is removed.

FreeTrainers.com offers various programs for reaching different goals, such as toning and definition, weight and fat loss, and developing lean muscle. They also offer free diet programs. Members set their own goals, receive a customized fitness plan and chart their progress online. Message boards allow communication with others, making this a healthy place for internet chat as well as great way to get in shape.

Free Exercise Programs for Teens

There are free programs online for children and teens too. You can help your teen help him or herself in complete privacy and at absolutely no risk. LearnToBeHealthy.org is a program focused entirely on teens and children. They have special programs that educate our young people about nutrition and physical activity. There are many eLearning opportunities sponsored by Learn To Be Healthy and they offer guidance and advice to parents and educators into the bargain.

Not Sure What You Are Looking For?

If you are overwhelmed by the number of free exercise programs you find and you need a place to start, about.com has a great section on exercise. Go to website http://exercise.about.com to find information about various different types of exercise, such as cardio and strength training, yoga and pilates, aerobic workouts and so on. You will get ideas on how to organize your exercise schedule for success, motivational tips to get you pumped up, and information about nutrition to help you get there. You will also find exercises designed to strengthen and tighten every muscle group in the body for targeted control of hips, thighs, arms and so on.

Free Exercise Programs “Offline”

If you want to be around others, prefer to use a live personal trainer or think you will be more disciplined if you exercise outside of the home, check in with your local fitness clubs to see what free offers are around. As an example, 24 hour fitness offers a free 7 day trial program. Go to 24hourfitness.com for details.

Don’t let the high cost of fitness centers keep you from reaching your weight loss and fitness goals. Check out exercise programs online or call your local fitness center to ask about their specials. You never know. You might like it enough to spend money on it!

Philip Kustner

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