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Gastric Bypass Diet ...
Do you need the surgery to go on the diet?

Why not try out the Gastric Bypass Diet before going under the knife?

Gastric Bypass and other Bariatric Surgeries such as the LapBand procedure are generally considered last ditch efforts for those who are Morbidly Obese.

In order to even be considered for these surgeries, you must be at least 100 pounds over your ideal weight, have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or higher, and already have (or be a high risk for) obesity related health conditions.

Many Insurance Companies still consider these to be elective surgery, and thus, won't pay for them.

If you are even considering becoming one of the growning number of Gastric Bypass Surgery Patients, or having the LapBand Procedure, perhaps you should take a little time really thinking about why these surgeries work for weight loss at all.

The bariatric surgery itself does is not the primary cause of weight loss…

It is the FORCED diet that is required after the Gastric Bypass surgery that causes you to lose weight.

With any weight loss surgery, the goal is to Force you to eat less. This is really a very drastic method of Portion Control.

If you are actually thinking about spending your own money on one of these programs, or attempting to go through the hoops you will have to jump through to try to get an insurance company to pay for it, think seriously about what you are paying for.

You are paying for a surgery that is risky, that is the rough equivalent of hiring someone to watch you 24/7 and make you VERY uncomfortable if you go outside of your prescribed diet.

Here's what the Mayo clinic has to say about whether Gastric Bypass Surgery is an option. Gastric bypass: Is this weight-loss surgery for you?

Take a look at the "Diet" you will be on after your surgery. These are provided by the University of Rochester, NY Medical Center's Bariatric Surgery Center.

Diet #1 - Liquid Diet (for 1 to 3 days after surgery, while you begin to heal)
Diet #2 - Liquid and Pureed Foods (for several weeks), while you heal some more)
Diet #3 - Soft Solid Foods
Diet #4 - Actual food (around 3-6 months you will tolerate slightly larger portions) This one is for the rest of your life.

And here's what the Mayo Clinic says about the post Gastric Bypass Diet Gastric bypass diet: Nutritional needs after weight-loss surgery

If you do not follow this diet, or something very similar, in the first 3 phases you will be jeopardizing your life.

In the 4th diet, the consequences are major discomfort if you eat too much. And the chance that all of that weight will be put back on, if you lapse back into your old habits.

It is recommended you don't drink with your meal, because it counts towards the total you can fit in your new stomach, and may cause what you eat to pass through too quickly leading to severe discomfort, and possibly vomiting.

Minimum 30 minutes to eat a meal that is only a cup to a cup and a half in size. Chewing your food a minimum of 30 chews per bite, to keep the pieces small and reduce the risk of blockage and the resulting discomfort of that.

It will now take you 30 to 60 minutes to drink a cup of liquid. While still needing to consume 6 to 8 cups of liquid per day to prevent dehydration.

Exercise, every day, is still required.

You will NEED to take dietary supplements/vitamins to cover some of your nutritional needs, since it is almost impossible to meet them eating this small of an amount of food.

And of course, this surgery can only be done once, there are no second chances.

If you need to lose the weight that badly...

Go on the Gastric Bypass Diet while you attempt to get approved for the surgery, and you will see similar results. You can always cancel the surgery, and save the money, when you've lost the weight without it.

And the nice part is that if you chose to go off the diet, the side effects are far less drastic.

If you have the ability to take control and stay on this Gastric Bypass diet after the surgery...

You CAN stick to a more reasonable weight loss program, or do the same diet, and skip the surgery entirely.

Even the post Gastric Bypass Diet sticks to the 7 habits of weight loss.

But this is a very drastic measure to take control of what you eat.

Not to mention, very expensive.

Take Control of what you eat, and how you live your life, and you can still feel better about yourself because you've done what you needed to do to be a trimmer healthier person.

Philip Kustner

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