Holiday Weight Loss
7 Habits of Weight Loss

Holiday Weight Loss

OK, you got through the fall and winter holidays, completely forgetting about your diet...
Now it's time for Holiday weight loss.

While it's never really OK to stop thinking about what we are doing to lose weight, it becomes especially important to just remember that you can NEVER give up.

The 7 habits of weight loss are not about losing an incredible amount of weight in a short time. It is about keeping doing the little things that keep you burning more calories than you are putting into your system, so that you are running a negative calorie balance to continue to lose weight consistently.

If you got off your weight loss goals during the holidays, it's time to revisit the 7 habits and get them back into your daily life.

During the holidays, it may be hard to keep on any restrictive diet you may be on, due to the wonderful food that your family keeps putting in front of you.

But you can practice portion control and take smaller portions.
You can take a walk after the family meal to help burn some of that wonderful food that you have just consumed.

My family spent 5 hours wandering around the Zoo the day after Thanksgiving. While we never really got our heart rates pumping, we did burn a lot more calories during that time than we would have just sitting around on the couch.

To many people, the holidays are all about family traditions. Why not make a tradition to be kind to your body and keep from having to worry about after holiday weight loss.

Get the group together for a stroll in the park.
Start up a family game day. Run around and play in the yard.
Play some touch football. Get out to the park and play around on the monkey bars.
Chase the kids or dogs around the yard or neighborhood.

Don't worry if you ate a little too much of types of foods that are not on your diet.

Get back on the horse,
It doesn't matter that you fell off.

There's no reason to give up and go back to eating in depression.

Enjoy the holidays for the time that it gives you with family and friends and use them as part of your holiday weight loss routine
Philip Kustner

Holiday Weight Loss means getting back to the 7 Habits

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