KFC Nutrition Fact
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KFC Nutrition Fact

Do you love chicken and want to know a KFC nutrition fact or two?

Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants post all their nutrition facts on the internet and so it’s not too hard to figure out how you can enjoy a meal that is finger-lickin’ good and still remain in control of your calorie count.

Let’s start with Colonel Sanders good old Original Recipe Fried Chicken. One wing has 140 calories, with 90 from fat (64%). A breast portion has 400, with 220 from fat (55%), a drumstick has 140 with 80 of them from fat (57%) , and a thigh has 250 calories with 160 (64%) of them from fat.

A good rule of thumb if you are watching your weight is to never eat any single item that has gets 30% or more of its calories from fat. That’s not only good for your calorie count (because you get to eat more food over all per calorie) but it’s also good for your heart. Your cholesterol level will be much healthier if you limit your fat intake. If you do indulge and end up eating something rich in fat, then you should limit the fat in the rest of what you eat that day. So if your overall calorie allowance for one day is 2,000, then a maximum of 666 calories should be from fat. That is why it is important not just to count calories each day, but to be aware of the number of calories from fat.

Let’s get back to the chicken. Here’s another KFC nutrition fact. A portion of potato salad has 230 calories, with 56% of them coming from fat. That’s not hard to understand since it contains potatoes and dressing. If you think cole slaw will be better, well yes, but only slightly. The cole slaw has 232 calories with 52% of them from fat.

A KFC pot pie has 770 calories, and again almost half of those are from fat. So where is the KFC nutrition fact you are looking for? The one with the fewest number of calories? I’m sorry to say you won’t find many low fat items among any of the chicken types or salads in KFC. If you really want to be good and go for the low calorie/low fat items you must stay away from fried chicken of any kind.

Now that you know how many calories you are dealing with, here is one last KFC nutrition fact: the chicken sandwich without sauce is absolutely your best bet. It only has 270 calories if you skip the sauce, and only a very healthy 45 of those are from fat. Even if you cave and have the sauce, the grand total is only 350 calories.
Philip Kustner

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