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LA Weight Loss System

Is the LA Weight Loss System for you?

Well, that really depends on whether you are really ready to lose weight, want personal one on one coaching, and can afford to pay for that.

The foundations of what is taught in the LA Weight loss Center diet really comes down to what you already know...

In order to lose weight you must decrease calorie intake while getting rid of your tendency to eat too many things that have little or no nutritional value.

The cost of LA Weight Loss system is higher than you might expect based on the advertised 7 dollar per week advertising that they push out. You will be expected to pay up front for an extended program at that $7 per week rate, but they will also tag on an unspecified fee at signup based upon the answers you give to a questionare you are required to fill out before you can sign up. The information gathered will be used to design your LA Weight Loss Center Diet.

If you search around for information on LA Weight Loss you will find that a number of centers, as well as the parent company have been accused of, and have settled over, classic bait and switch tactics.

In practice, what the LA weight loss center is being accused of, is heavy handed upselling of their LA Weight Loss Nutrtition Bars called "LA Lites" as well as some of their other nutritional supplements and drinks. You do not HAVE to take these products to lose weight on the system.

Counselors at the LA Weight Loss clinics are commissioned sales representatives that make more money if they can upsell more product, as well as bring in more people.

So, yeah, some of the complaints are probably justified due to overzealous sales people out to make a buck.

But that does not mean that the LA Weight Loss system is ineffective.

At the core of the program, what is being taught is proper eating habits. Teaching you to take control of what you put into your body, as well as how much. And for the fees you are paying, you get to have someone to talk to about your trials and tribulations, while also having someone to be accountable to 3 times a week.

For some people, these counseling sessions may be just the ticket you need to make it to your weight loss goals.

The LA Weight Loss system is based on sound nutritional advice, practicing the majority of the 7 habits outlined around here, except for the Exercise portion, which is not pushed in the LA Weight Loss Programs, but is encouraged to increase results.

The biggest advantage of this system is that you are not purchasing pre packaged foods, and are learning to eat properly at home and away.

Philip Kustner

Head for the top of LA Weight Loss System
Can this really be called a Diet Food Program?
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Information found here should NOT be construed as definitive or binding medical advice and is NOT intended to diagnose, prescribe, nor endorse any brand of products or services. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new weight loss or exercise regimen or with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.