Do I Need to Lose Weight?
7 Habits of Weight Loss

Do I need to lose weight?
Who doesn't...

Do I need to lose weight?
Now that is a funny question.

Who doesn't occasionally need to lose some extra weight?

Maybe you've got high blood pressure...
Perhaps you've been told you have type 2 diabetes. Previously known as adult onset diabetes.
It could be that your doctor or family is concerned that you are at high risk for Heart Disease.

Perhaps you are wondering about child obesity.

There's a chance that your favorite jeans no longer fit right, or at all.

Everybody, at some point needs to lose some weight.

Are you looking for a Fast Weight Loss Diet?

What's your Weight Loss Motivation?

Even if you are just "maintaining" your weight, you are working to lose weight, and control the amount and type of calories you take in.

Many people are just plain scared of how hard it might be to lose the weight they found so easy to put on.

Trust me, you worked to put that weight on.
Probably at a JOB.
Spending that money on food you don't need.
To feed needs that don't exist.

Look Great, Lose Weight, Save
Enjoy a total wellness site encompassing anti-aging aspects in beauty, nutrition, weight loss, and illness through inspiration, motivation and education. Billions of dollars are spent every year trying to to turn back the biological clock. Find products and money saving tips to help you preserve and improve your beauty, your weight, and your health.
Take Control of what you put in your body, and how you live your life.

I LOVE snack foods.

I could eat an entire can of Pringles in a sitting without even thinking about it.


It is what separates me from the sheep.
I DON'T NEED that cake.
I DON'T NEED that bag of potato chips.

I love my country, but we (yes, that includes me) have become a society of sniveling whining, unwilling to work pieces of ****!
We want it all, but we don't want to do anything to get it.
God forbid I should give up my 'Survivor' to do something. (Like EMPTY the refrigerator of snacks, and read a book, or work on a project)

Weight loss is a lifestyle change, not a temporary fad.

So, this is how I came to this web site.
It is very hard for me to be able to conscientiously maintain this website without practicing what I preach.

So far as I'm concerned. This website makes me accountable to you. Thus, forcing me to take control of my own habits, and enjoy the benefits of the Best Way to Lose Weight.

I lost 30 pounds to get myself down to a reasonable Body Mass Index (BMI) and now my job is to maintain that and lose a few more through a different means.

I lost the first 30 pounds through a meal replacement and nutrition supplement plan as part of the prescribed 7 habits.

This is a great way to lose weight quickly and safely.
See Nutrition Express
I continue to use the products in a supplementary fashion, to make sure I get what I need.

To some people, like Marty Tuley of "Get Off Your Ass" fame, that is cheating.
I LOVE Marty, he got me running on my last kick towards weight loss.
His GOYA program is wonderful, straight forward, and very kick in the teeth.
He loves the concept of building lean muscle mass to burn more calories 24/7.
The push is through a very reasonable exercise regiment, and sound dietary advice geared around building muscle mass and decreasing unhealthy calorie intake.

He's my kind of motivator. His program adheres to the principles of the 7 habits, yet he is very against using supplementation. If you don't like the idea of supplements…

Please, check out his book and his website.
His workout program is simple yet effective.
The dietary advice is very reasonable.
His In Your Face voice is refreshing and motivating.

If you want someone who tells it like he feels it, and practices what he preaches, Marty is your man.

But obviously, building lots of muscle as a weight loss method, is not for everyone.
So, scattered throughout this website, you will find links to various types of programs, all compatible with the 7 habits of weight loss.

Physical exercise, and building lean muscle should be part of any diet program.

Welcome Aboard!
Philip Kustner

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