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Cutting Carbs Smartly - Low Carbohydrate Foods

In your search for low carbohydrate foods there is more to consider than simply how many carbs are in a given food item.

As an example, rice, pasta and potatoes are all good sources of carbohydrates.

One serving of pasta (2 ounces of dry product) has 42 grams of carbohydrates. That’s about the same as a medium potato.

However, pasta carbs rank low on the glycemic food index and potatoes are high.

What does that mean?

Well, when you eat potatoes, the high starch content of the vegetable is processed rapidly by the body and released quickly into your blood stream creating a surge of insulin and your metabolism will spike.

The pasta is processed more slowly, creating a steady stream of sugar into your blood. This means your body is better able to draw energy at a steady rate from the pasta, allowing your body to control energy production as well as fat production.

Low glycemic foods like pasta are less likely to make you fat and more likely to stave off hunger for longer.

Low Carbohydrate foods include vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Compare these healthy choices to foods which have no carbohydrates, such as dairy produce (milk, cheese, unsweetened yogurt) and eggs.

Eggs have no carbohydrates but they are rich in fat, and a source of cholesterol. Similarly  with cheese -  cheese is a great food if eaten in moderation. Matured cheeses help to aid digestion, and are a source of protein and calcium. But cheese is very high in fat, and should therefore be eaten only one or two times a week in small quantities.

Everybody’s diet should be rich in the low carbohydrate foods like fruits and vegetables, but don’t make the mistake of substituting low carbohydrate foods for no carbohydrate foods that are rich in fat.

Besides eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, you need to balance your diet with some high carbohydrate foods that are low glycemic index foods. Plenty of whole grains, such as rice and pasta (whole grain brown rice and pasta are even better), and whole grain bread are good choices. Don’t skip these foods. Your body needs them for energy, protein and fiber. Your digestive system will begin to act up if you don’t get enough whole grains.

White bread and potatoes can be eaten, but eat these in moderation. There is a hidden pitfall with both of these foods, because we have a tendency to dress them up with sour cream and butter rather than eat them plain. If you love bread and potatoes and find it hard to give them up, try to dress them up with foods that are not high in fat. Chili made from lean meat (try chicken or turkey chili in place of ground beef) or baked beans, go great on potatoes or with bread, and will help you eliminate using fat.

When selecting low carbohydrate foods, don’t underestimate the power of a balanced diet in controlling your weight. Look for healthy low carbs, and eat them in combination with sensible portions of high carbohydrate foods, whole grains, proteins and small amounts of high quality oils.
Philip Kustner

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