7 Habits of Weight Loss

My Diet Story

My diet story is probably like a lot of people that find this website's.
Why don't you share yours?

At a certain point in my life, I began to gain weight.

Somehow, I didn't really notice it for for about 8 years.
Sure, I had had to replace my wardrobe a couple of times during this time period, as my waistline began to bulge.
Eventually, I finally noticed that I just couldn't keep up with my children, I seemed to always be tired, I was getting sick all of the time, and I just never seemed to feel well.

My diet story really began when a picture showed up in the mail, from my mother, of me and my oldest daughter at a joint Birthday party for myself, my youngest daughter, and my niece.

They say the camera puts on 10 pounds, but in my case, I felt like it had put on 50.

I saw a man looking back at me that I just really didn't recognize as being me. The next time I looked in the mirror, I saw that same FAT man that was in the picture my mom had sent me.

For a while I got pretty depressed, and made a number of, what I now know to be, half assed attempts at losing weight.

I tried removing the Soda's from my life. As a person who drank a MINIMUM of one 44 oz soda and one or 2 cans per day, to as much as 2 or 3 44 ouncers...  I figured that cutting out that 120 calories per 12 oz of soda would help me drop some weight. But what I ended up doing was increasing my sugar intake elsewhere, and I lost maybe a few pounds in a month.  So my diet story continues...

I was supplementing the lowered soda intake with sugared coffee to get my missing caffeine, and was drinking a LOT of beer to make me feel better. Until the day that my boss threatened me with my job if he ever smelled alcohol on me again. I am the sole bread earner in my family, so that HAD to stop.

The real kick towards getting me on the road to real weight loss came when my wife found a book called Get Off Your Ass by Marty Tulley. Here is where I realized that I needed to Eat Properly to make my body happy again, exercise to increase my body's ability to burn the calories I did consume, and develop new habits to replace the horrible ones I had been developing over my life.

My diet story really began when I started to develope my OWN weight loss program. I knew what I needed to do, but I really needed to Just Do It!

What it came down to, to make it all work for me was to develop a new set of habits.

I started with replacing the majority of my soda and beer drinking with good old plain water. I went out and got a Reverse Osmosis filter system for the kitchen sink, and bought a stainless steel water bottle to fill a couple of times a day. The water bottle was what made it possible for me to actually do this. I can't stand the taste of plastic in my water. Especially now that I had 99.999% pure water to drink.

The next step in my diet story was beginning to enjoy the benefits of breakfast. This was nothing big, just a little 180 to 250 calorie breakfast. Some fruit, toast, or yoghurt.  This stopped me from feeling a need to snack in the middle of the morning. Though It did make me feel a stronger need to eat at lunch time.

This is when I began to look at what I was eating for lunch. The heavy fried foods had to go, if I was going to be able to tell my own diet story. A sensible lunch is really quite enjoyable, and it just takes a little bit of preparation in the morning to get it ready. When I was really pushing to decrease my weight, I simply brought a salad to work with some chicken or pork over the top and a low cal/fat dressing. Keeping this meal down to just a few hundred calories with some good protein kept me from being hungry most of the rest of the day.

This is when I had to re-invent my afternoon snack. Instead of spending extra pocket money at the vending machine in the break room, I started to bring some fresh fruit, low salt pretzels, and air popped popcorn to keep at my desk in case I got hungry.

Playing my day this way, left me open to eat pretty much anything I wanted for dinner. The key was to not go overboard, and keep dinner to a reasonable, yet high on tastyness meal.

When I began to finally exercise on a regular basis...
I'm a desk jockey.
The pounds really began to shed.

I took off 30 pounds in 5 months, and now need to just concentrate on keeping my weight reasonable.

Sometimes I go up a little, and then I just concentrate on seeing where I've slipped, to lose a few pounds over a couple of weeks.

That's My Diet Story...

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