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Do Natural Weight Loss Nutrition Supplements Work?

Natural weight loss nutrition supplements contain natural ingredients that supposedly stimulate the body’s metabolism or suppress your appetite to aid in weight loss.

Among the more common natural weight loss nutrition supplements are ingredients like green tea, ephedra and hoodia.

But do these natural supplements really work for weight loss?

As with all diet products the caveat from suppliers is that they won’t do much for you unless you combine them with proper diet and exercise.

However, research suggests that they can have an impact on the metabolism, which in turn aids weight loss. Green tea and ephedra are both high in caffeine, so beware about combining them because overdoes of caffeine can be bad for your health and result in several unwanted side effects.

Green Tea

Green Tea stimulates your body’s metabolism, spurs weight loss and decreases hunger by boosting production of noradrenaline, an appetite suppressing hormone. You can find green tea in natural weight loss nutrition supplements, or in any supermarket in the tea and coffee isle. It is not just a weight loss supplement, but has for centuries been a  traditional beverage in China. Green tea can be served hot or cold. Try it with honey or low glycemic blue agave. Green tea has numerous proven health benefits whether or not you need to lose weight. As a weight loss supplement, try a dose of 50 mg three times a day before eating.


Ephedra, like tea, is a herb which has been proven to increase your metabolism and reduce hunger. It works in much the same way as green tea, by stimulating your metabolism along with the production of noradrenaline. Many supplements combine Ephedra and Green Tea for a powerful metabolic stimulant. Ephedra, though, has had its critics and does not enjoy the reputation that Green Tea has for being a healthy addition to one’s diet. On the contrary, a report published in 2000 linked ephedra to seizures and heart attacks. Ongoing research may eventually clear the drug of its ill-gotten reputation, but as of today, caution is recommended with this supplement.


Perhaps the most famous, of the nutritional weight loss supplements to hit the market in recent years is the precious and rare hoodia. So far today, the hoodia plant, which resembles a cactus, has only be found in South Africa. It is a powerful appetite suppressant that is used by tribesmen on their long, arduous journeys to hunt for food. No side effects are known. Hoodia sells because it works. Those who use it testify that it really does suppress hunger.

You can buy natural weight loss nutrition supplements in most drugstores, health food stores and supermarkets. You can also shop on line. If you use them, read and follow any special instructions that are on the package, don’t combine different supplements unless your doctor has informed you that it is safe, and seek professional medical advice if you ever experience unusual or uncomfortable symptoms that you think might be related to the use of supplements.
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