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How does Nutrisystems diet work?

Nutrisystems is one of the most popular and effective diets. Nutrisystem focuses on supplying complete, well balanced meals, that are high in nutrition and low on the glycemic index, delivered to your door.

The principal behind Nutrisystem is that you can’t go wrong because you never have to think about what to eat. Just reach into the cupboard, pull out a complete meal, microwave and eat. Nutrisystems meals are not frozen so you don’t have to thaw them, and you can carry them anywhere without the need for refrigeration.

They have diets tailored for men and women, older men and women, diabetics and even vegetarians. The meals are formulated with the kinds of foods your body needs to to reduce cravings. Nutrisystem meals use fats rich in omega-3s in balanced quantities to keep your body functioning properly. Meal plans guide you as to how to make additions to the prepared meals, like adding your own fresh fruit and vegetables, and even salads and dairy products. Women eat five times a day on the Nutrisystem program, and men eat six times a day so it is never long until your next meal or snack.

The men’s diet program is adjusted for quantity and for the types of foods that guys like to eat -  things like burgers and pizza. This is an easy diet for men or women to follow because you never have to count calories, points or carbohydrates and you don’t have to read the nutrition facts or attend any meetings. Just grab, heat and go. It eliminates all the excuses we come up with for falling off our diet.

When you sign up you can choose the default package or you can customize your menu to eliminate any food items you don’t care for. Meal plans come in 28 day packages. You choose one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner and one dessert each day. You also receive a meal planner that helps you get started on the program. You are not required to eat the meals in any order. The system is based on the concept of regularly feeding your body, so you should stick to the recommended times for eating, but you can mix up the meals in any order. Just make sure you pick from the breakfast, lunch and dinner items, and don’t eat, for example, three dinners in one day or all the meals in one sitting.

Nutrisystems also has nutrition counselors who will go over plans with you and help you understand what you are eating. This is especially helpful if you are diabetic or have food allergies (all the ingredients are listed on the boxes), but anyone can use the service. You can go online and chat with a representative. This service is included in the price of the meals. You can also access online chat rooms and fitness and weight loss journals and there is an exercise DVD that will get you started on an exercise program.

Nutrisystem recommends a serving of fat free yogurt every day to ensure that you get enough calcium while you are on the diet, as well as 8 glasses of water and servings of fresh fruit and vegetables or salad to augment your nutritional intake. For more information on the Nutrisystem plan, visit their website at
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