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Portion Control …
How Much Should I Eat?

What is Portion Control?

What is a proper portion?

How do I keep from being hungry?

If you eat enough of the proper foods, your body will be satiated.
Smaller amounts of more varied things helps you feel more full, and balances out your nutritional needs.

I can't speak about other countries, but here in America, the average restaurant serves portions that are way out of proportion to what we should be eating.

Portion Control can be a simple as ordering the smallest cut of meat on the menu.
Or, having a small order of fries with your small hamburger.

You don't need to 'SuperSize' your orders, unless you want to be SuperSized as well.

There is almost no-one on this planet that needs a 20 ounce Porter House steak with their meal.
Especially, not when a baked potato, vegetables, and a salad all come with the steak.

Contrary to what my Grandmother always told me…

It is not always necessary to make 'upside down plate'
As in, finish everything on the plate, so that if you turn it upside down, it won't rain food on the table.

There is no shame, and great frugality, in taking home half of your meal.

Or saving more for 'leftover night'

You will have a much more gratifying meal if you can eat small amounts of lots of things.
Instead of having a huge portion of only a couple of items.

Portion control comes down to eating enough to satisfy your hunger, without filling yourself to capacity.

Eating foods that fill you up more is a great way to do this.
Starches, fibers, and proteins will all fill you up quickly, and help you keep from getting hungry quickly.

These substances break down slowly in the digestive system.

Nice Restaurants serve bread on the table to be eaten before even the appetizers show up.
This allows you to have one or two pieces to fill up space in your gut, and wake up the receptors in your system that pay attention to when you've had 'enough' to eat.

Eating slowly, and having an extended meal with multiple small courses is a great way to consume a meal.
You get a chance to enjoy a wider variety of foods, and end up eating less, because your body has more time to determine and tell you when it has had enough.

Portion Control is about Taking Control of how much you eat.
You can't leave it up to someone else to decide how much is right for you to eat.

Well, Actually,

That's not completely true...

We now have the Gastric Bypass Diet, LapBand Procedure, and even Ear Stapling for Weight Loss which will FORCE you to practice Portion Control

Eat for substance, taste, and variety.

Avoid Eating, just to eat.

Just because you "can" eat a large pizza by yourself, doesn't mean you should.

The CDC has a nice page on Portion Control here
CDC Portion Size

Take control of your choices, and practice Portion Control as part of your daily life.
Philip Kustner

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