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Quiznos nutrition facts have been hard to come by.

Unlike Subway, which regularly posts the calorie content of their famous low fat sandwiches in several places, including on their own drink cups.

However Quiznos recently made the calorie content of their sandwiches available. The overwhelming reaction of consumers has been shock. Some of the large sandwiches are loaded with calories and fats.

If you are on a calorie controlled diet, and even if you are not, a single Quiznos sandwich will satisfy your nutritional needs for an entire day, even two days! For example, we think of tuna as being a healthy alternative to meat and often choose tuna when we are watching calories. But the Quiznos nutrition fact for a large tuna melt sub lists a whopping 2090 calories and 175 grams of fat. If you skip the dressing you will save 620 calories and if you skip the extra cheese, you will save a further 110, reducing the total to 1360 calories. Even a large veggie sub with cheese and dressing adds up 1220 calories with 75 grams of fat.  Think you might just stick to salad? A Quiznos Caesar salad sports 1000 calories, including dressing.

A McDonalds double quarter pounder with cheese weighs in at 780 calories. Add a large fries to that and you have and additional 570 calories. In total the double quarter pounder with cheese and large French fries adds up to 1340 calories and 72 grams of fat. Way too much for most people to eat in a single meal, but still well under the large Quiznos tuna melt.   Find more on McDonald's Nutrition

If you are looking for a low calorie alternative to the tuna melt, ironically, the Quiznos Steakhouse Beef Dip sandwich has fewer calories, at 1030 calories, and 55 grams of fat. That still sounds like a lot when you compare it to a Subway 6 inch tuna sandwich with 445 calories and 22 grams of fat or a Subway steak and cheese sandwich with 389 calories and 14 grams of fat. Buyer beware though, because Subway lists their calorie and fat content assuming no additions of dressings or cheese. These will jump in calorie content if you add extra mayo, cheese and other fixings to your sandwich. 

It is not impossible to find a great lunch at Quiznos though, tuna melt aside. For starters go with the smaller sandwiches on whole wheat and stick with meats like turkey and chicken. If you take a look at a couple of Quiznos nutrition facts on a couple of their smaller sandwiches, you will find that a turkey lite only has 334 calories with 6 tiny grams of fat, and a honey bourbon mustard chicken salad with no dressing is a very dainty 194 calories with 9.9 grams of fat.
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With a little thought, it is possible to get good Quiznos Nutrition

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