Strategies for Weight Loss
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Effective Strategies for Weight Loss

Strategy is essential to the execution of a plan. A set of strategies for weight loss will help you overcome any number of situations when you might otherwise be tempted to give up the diet, skip the exercise routine and slide back into your old ways.

Perhaps you can’t work out because you have to pick up your daughter after ballet class or soccer practice?

Perhaps you can’t keep up your diet because you have growing children to feed and you need to cook healthy and substantial dinners?

Perhaps you find it hard to stick to your low-calorie goal because you have a spouse who is thin as a rake and eats constantly?

All of these real-life situations make it difficult for us to stick to our goals and accomplish our dreams.

You have to reach deep down inside and find your motivation.

When we are motivated we can achieve great things and overcome obstacles. Sometimes we just need some new ideas.

An effective set of strategies for weight loss takes into account all the normal obstacles that we encounter in our life. Write down each one, and then think what you can do to overcome it.

For example, family meal time is a big problem if you are the only one on a diet. But you don’t have to eat everything you cook.

Are there any things your family likes to eat and you don’t?

Try not cooking the foods that make you weakest, and cook plenty of the foods that other family members crave, but you don’t particularly care for.

Or cook two or three choices, including both kid-healthy items and adult low-fat items. You might even be surprised and find out that your kids start preferring the healthy food themselves!

Finding time to exercise is also difficult to cram into a busy work day. But there are many ways to find the time. You could start a walking club at work and walk during lunch. You could arrive at soccer practice twenty minutes early and take a couple of turns around the field. You could commit to a ten minute walk every night after dinner or invest in an exercise bike and cycle in front of the T.V. while the kids do their homework.

What about those corporate lunches? Those are killers aren’t they? Free food is hard to resist, and people tend to sit around the table for an hour or more, constantly picking on the bread and appetizers, and then indulging in a really big lunch. But you can overcome this problem too if you really want to. There are always lower calorie items on the menu. Ask the waiter for the low fat items.

Many restaurants now cater much more readily to smaller appetites than in times gone by. Select appetizers in place of entrees, skip the dressing on salads, stay away from cheesy or creamy dishes, especially soups, and don’t choose deep fried items or buffalo wings dipped in ranch dressing.

You can follow these weight loss strategies or develop your own.

If none of these suggestions work for you, think up some that will. When you notice situations come up that knock you off course, take the time to think up workarounds. Analyze your normal routine, think about why it knocks you off course, develop some new strategies for weight loss and incorporate them into your routine. A little thought and planning will help you overcome obstacles and achieve your weight and fitness goals.
Philip Kustner

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