Take Control of Your Own Choices
7 Habits of Weight Loss

Take control of your choices, and you can change your life.

In order to make permanent changes in our lives, we must take control and make some choices.

Every day we are faced with a myriad of choices, and most of them, we give no real thought to whatsoever.

These choices are habitual answers to common questions that we deal with day in and day out.

The start of a habit begins with taking control.

This may not be a comfortable part of the site, but it is the key to developing healthy eating habits.

The better you understand that you have to take control, the faster you will develop the rest of the 7 habits of weight loss.

Find your Weight Loss Motivation...

It is what will drive you to Take Control.

Our lives are full of habits, that have been ingrained for years, and are held in place by years of repetition.

All of the little things, like how big of a pile of eggs we eat in the morning, are choices that we make everyday.

But have you ever really thought about why you take that massive pile of food to shove into your mouth?

Who's in control?

What are the choices you can make?

Portion Control is one of those fun habits that we develop when we are growing, active teenagers and young adults who are out burning some major calories on a regular basis.

Only then, we continue with those same portions, out of habit, into periods of our life where we are not doing so much burning…
Well, I think we all understand that this leads to the good old 5-7 pounds a year problem.

The eating habits of a college student, should not be continued into adulthood.
The lifestyles are just too different, and we should be adult enought to take control of our choices.

Being an American...
I am ashamed at how, we as a country, have become the most overweight country in the world. We live in a land of opportunity and beauty, yet we are clinically depressed about our weight because we don't have healthy eating habits.

Heck, we've even developed weight loss surgery and diet pills that FORCE us to take control of what we eat to lose weight, like the Gastric Bypass Diet and Alli

The Time to take control is NOW.

Start looking at your day and making conscious choices.

Is the breakfast I eat appropriate to my lifestyle?
Are you eating breakfast? (You are right?)
Does my coffee really need 2 heaping teaspoons of sugar?
Or would 1 still taste good?
What am I drinking to satisfy my thirst?
Does it need to be a soda? Would iced tea or good old water work as well?
Am I eating just to eat?
Am I eating for sustenance?

It makes a huge difference in what you put on your plate.

Consciously make a choice to cut the nasty habits out of your life.

Make a choice to actually think about what you are putting in your body, and you will begin to develop healthy habits.

The start of a habit begins with taking control.

For me, the key is to not try to change everything at once.

If I try to change everything at once, I am doomed to fail.

But if I can just get one change in place, make it a habit, and then make another change, it becomes a journey to a healthier happier life.

Welcome aboard, Take control, make choices, and enjoy the ride.
Philip Kustner

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