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Television Workout Routine for the Exercise Challenged

A Television Workout Routine removes the barriers that get in the way of some of us working out.

When you think about starting workout routine, what are the first things that come to your mind…

I don't have time ...
I can't afford afford a gym membership ...
I'm afraid to buy exercise equipment (what if I end up not using it?)
What exercise routine should I use?

There are probably a million excuses running through your head right now.
Feel free to contact me, and let me know what's running through your head. I'll expand the list.

But, the reality is, all of those excuses that you are coming up with are complete Bull.

There is no excuse not to start an exercise routine.
Take control of your life and start somewhere.

An exercise routine does not HAVE to take more than a few minutes at a time.

Many people will tell you to cut an hour of Television out of your "busy" schedule, and start a workout routine.
But if you are the type of person that watches so much TV that you could cut an hour or two out of your television watching per day, then the odds are that you will never do it, and end up just failing to maintain this, even if you start out well.

I say, use the commercial breaks for exercise time, and create a television workout routine.

There are eight minutes of commercial time in every 30 minutes of television here in America.

I would know, I was the guy that pushed the buttons to insert these commercials 8 hours a day for years.

A commercial break is anywhere from 1:30 to 2:30 in length.

Find exercises that you can do in this time.

This gives you the ability to ramp up your heart rate, and then let it rest. Ramp it up again, and let it rest some more.

This is the rough equivalent of the type of workout routine used for endurance training. Where you Run a lap as fast as you can, then walk a lap, Run the Next lap, walk another.

This kind of exercise is great for weight loss, it teaches your body to burn calories at a higher rate for extended periods of time.

Much longer after your exercise period, than just lightly jacking up your heart rate for the length of your workout routine.

Just think of what you could do during an hour of Survivor, American Idol, or (insert your favorite one hour program here).
If you don't watch these types of programs, tune into a 1 hour News program, and learn something while you do your television workout routine.

We're talking about 16 minutes of actual physical exercise done during otherwise completely wasted time, when someone is trying to sell you more stuff that you really don't need.

Find just a few simple exercises you can do quickly for a simple television workout routine.
I've outlined a few in Core Exercises, and even provide a simple worksheet for tracking progress

How many pushups can you do in 2 minutes?
What about sit ups?
Or, jumping jacks?
Jog/Run in place for a full break...

How about grabbing a couple of soda cans, 2 liter bottles, or milk jugs and doing some curls or tricep extensions?

Further Suggestions can be found at:

Physical Fitness Exercises Level 1
Physical Fitness Exercises Level 2
Physical Fitness Exercises Level 3

Grab a pen and paper and write down how many of each you did and during which commercial break of your weekly show.
Then do the same exercises during the same breaks the next week, and write those down.
The commercial breaks do not change in length from week to week, but the time between them fluctuates slightly.

Do this for a season (13 weeks), tracking your results (how many you were able to do in each break)

Heck, even if you only do this for one show a week, trying to cover as many muscle groups as possible.
You will get a full body workout, and your log of repetitions per break will show that you are doing more each time.
You will get faster, and more noticeable results by doing this every other day though. Why not go for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday?
This means that you are increasing your muscles, and muscles burn more calories than fat.

Create your own simple television workout routine to increase your metabolism with the rest of the 7 habits, and you WILL see results.
Philip Kustner

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