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Top 10 Diets

The Top 10 Diets are influenced by several factors, including the pre-packaged meal approach where you don’t have to think about what you are eating or how many calories it contains, like Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig, to a fitness-based program influenced by T.V.’s “The Biggest Loser,” featuring fitness guru Jillian Michaels.

Here is an overview of some of today’s most popular diets:

Nutrisystem: This diet features home delivery of total meal systems scientifically formulated to incorporate foods low on the glycemic index as well as foods that contain healthy omega-3 fats. It is easy to follow because all meals are delivered to your door and all you have to do is grab them and stick them in the microwave. Here's more on how nutrisystems diet works.

South Beach Diet: Based on the glycemic index and years of research by Dr. Arthur Agatston about the way insulin processes fats and sugars, this is a diet based on scientific research. You have to follow the three phases of this diet conscientiously in order for it to work. The third phases focuses on healthy eating for life.

Jillian Michaels: Followers of the popular T.V. show, “The Biggest Loser” have put this one firmly on the list of the 10 ten diets. Based on healthy, calorie controlled dieting and plenty of exercise, this diet offers different guidance based on your body type. This is one of the few diets that gets to the root cause of why you overeat in the first place and helps you overcome the urges to overindulge.

Weight Watchers: A regular on the list of top 10 diets, this program is based on points. Every food has a point index, and you calculate how many points you are allowed to eat each day based on your weight and height, and your activity level. The program emphasizes regular meetings at a Weight Watchter’s facility and weekly weigh-ins.

Beverly Hills Diet: Another scientifically based diet requires you to master combining certain types of foods and not others. This diet is complicated to follow and requires you eat a highly restricted diet in the early days of the plan.

Slim Fast Diet: This perennial diet is based on the Slim Fast diet shake, requiring you to restrict calorie intake and substitute one or two meals a day for the diet drink. Possibly not the most popular diet on the top 10 list, but easy to follow if you tend to skip lunch anyway at work, and you can pick up the drinks at any drugstore.

Medifast Diet: Another one of the top 10 diets to feature meal replacements, this diet has also proven effective in controlling type 2 diabetes. Success stories are based on very low calorie intakes per day.

Hoodia Diet: Based on the hoodia plant that resembles a cactus, hoodia is mostly taken in the form of pills that ward off hunger and the desire to eat.

Zone Diet: This diet emphasizes feeling “in the zone,” or alert and vibrant. It is another complex diet that requires combining the right foods and avoiding certain combinations and proportions.

Jenny Craig: This diet program allows to you join a center, or use an at-home program, and is based on pre-packaged foods. The commercials featuring Queen Latifah are helping to boost this company’s image.

Diet programs wax and wane in popularity, so the top 10 diets are constantly in a state of flux as new discoveries are made in nutrition and the way the body’s metabolism absorbs food.

Philip Kustner

Top 10 diets are pretty stable, only a few drop in and out.

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