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Running to Lose Weight

If you are thinking of taking up running to lose weight. Look before you leap. It is a great way to go, but ease into it to give you a better chance of sticking to it.

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Safe WeightLifting Routines

Here are some basic guideline to developing weightlifting routines that are safe and simple.

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Weight Loss Exercise Programs

The best weight loss exercise programs are the ones that increase your heart rate, build lean muscle, and that you will continue to do.

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Treadmill Exercise Program

A treadmill exercise program is a great way to get walking if the weather is inclimate, or you just don't live in a great place to walk.

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Calorie Intake for Weight Loss

What's the proper calorie intake for weight loss? Less than you are eating now. How much less determines how fast you lose.

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Eat More Often for Healthy Weight Loss

Eat more often, for a safe, effective part of healthy weight loss

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Definition of Organic Food

There is an actual definition of organic food that must be met to be labled as such in the US. But it's not all that strict.

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Organic Food Trends

It's great to watch the changes in organic food trends. Going from small, high priced, almost luxury items. Back to the staples that they should be.

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Who Should Eat Organic Food

Who should eat organic food? Everyone.

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Chipotle Nutrition

The quality of Chipotle nutrition is high, with good quality ingredients and food made the way you choose.

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McDonalds Nutrition Information

McDonalds Nutrition Information allows you to make informed and sometimes healthy choices even when eating out.

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McDonalds Nutrition

McDonalds Nutrition, Not so Mutually Exclusive. McDonald's has gone to great lengths to try to prove that they can be a part of a healthy diet through proper eating practices.

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Taco Bell Nutrition

It is possible to use Taco Bell nutrition information to create a reasonable meal that is part of a healthy weight loss routine.

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Taco Bell Nutrition

Find a way to eat and get reasonable Taco Bell Nutrition while keeping to your weight loss regiment.

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Quiznos Nutrition

The published Quiznos Nutrition facts may at first make you run screaming the other direction. But you CAN get a sensible, tasty meal there.

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Wendy's Nutrition

Not all is Doom and Gloom about Wendy's Nutrition. With a little thought, eating out is still possible.

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Subway Nutrition

Subway Nutrition chart lets you build up a reasonable sandwich, as long as you bring your calculator.

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KFC Nutrition Fact

One simple KFC nutrition fact, is that fried chicken doesn't really fit into a low fat diet.

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Starbucks Nutrition

Check out the Starbucks nutrition chart the next time you have an urge to splurge on a coffee based confection.

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Burger King Nutrition

Here's some Burger King Nutrition Facts to help you not feel so bad when you get a fast food fix.

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Nutrition, Calories, and Fast Food

Can Fast Food be a part of a person's daily nutrition and calorie intake?

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Olive Oil Nutrition

Olive Oil nutrition is something to look at as it becomes more popular in cultures that did not previously use it in cooking.

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Low Carbohydrate Foods

Low carbohydrate foods are a staple of a health, well rounded eating regiment.

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Raw Food Diet Plan

Looking to lose weight naturally? A Raw Food Diet Plan may be just what you need.

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