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Weight Loss Contest

If you are lacking motivation to get your diet going, a weight loss contest is a great way to rally some support around you and get your friends and yourself pumped for success.

Whenever we do things in the public eye we are under more pressure to succeed. But there is a lot more to a weight loss contest than putting yourself under pressure to succeed.

By dieting in a group setting you will get moral support, and it is a lot easier to talk openly about dieting without driving everyone nuts. The fact that several others are in the same boat will make it easy to share ideas and recipes for success, as well as learn strategies for overcoming problem areas.

For the most part, as humans, we all have the same difficulties when it comes to things like dieting. We would all rather eat potato chips than celery sticks at times, and we would all rather watch TV than get up and take a 3 mile walk. Being able to talk about experiences with friends, co-workers or family members who are striving for the same goals as you makes it a lot more fun.

So how do you get a weight loss contest underway? The first step is to identify others who would like to participate, and the second step is to define the rules of the weight loss competition. Then you simply set a start date and an end date and off you go.

The best kind of competition will emerge when most people have a similar amount of weight to lose, say 10 or 15 pounds and then the winning criteria becomes very simple – the one who loses the most weight by the deadline wins. But even if one person only wants to lose 5 pounds and another wants to lose 50 you can still set it up as a competition, just reframe the winning criteria. For example, the winner can be the one who maintains any weight loss for the duration of the contest. Don’t be fooled by the 5 pounds versus 50 either – that five pounds can be just as much of a challenge as the 50. When you only have 5 pounds to lose, it can be exceedingly difficult to lose all 5 pounds and keep it off. When you have 50 pounds to lose, the first few pounds go fairly quickly. It’s the last few that are hard to accomplish, so there is a good probability of win for the person with 50 pounds to lose if the winning criteria is to maintain a weight loss of 5 pounds for 3 weeks.

The rules of the weight loss competition should be built around the group environment. If you are holding your competition at work you can do a weigh in every Monday morning to mark progress. If you are competing with friends outside of work you will want to arrange it at a time when everyone can meet. That may or may not be once a week. You can do interim updates via email or over the phone.

Deciding whether to do a weigh in is something you might like to discuss with your competitors. Some people may be inhibited about actually weighing in at work, for example. If you are good friends with your weight loss competitors you might be comfortable with the trust me card. The weight loss competition doesn’t have to be a cut-throat serious competition, after all the primary purpose is really just to find a stimulus to help you achieve your goal.
Philip Kustner

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