Who Should Eat Organic Food
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Who Should Eat Organic Food

Why would you ask "Who should eat organic food?"

As much as I would like to dismiss this as a silly question, there are lots of people asking this question.

Not to mention, we are told over and over again that there is no such thing as a silly question.

EVERYONE should eat organic food.

It is actually quite sad that there is even such a thing as food that is not organic.  Over the course of millions of years our planet has allowed the most beneficial things to grow, and the least healthy things to die off. Yet modern scientists, chemists, and corporations think that they can create better things with a limited amount of time and knowledge.

Anyone who wants to live the best life that they can live is who should eat organic food.

Organic Food vs Conventional Food

Organic Food, by the broadest definition is food that is grown in the ground and has become a food source through natural selection.

It is food that tastes good and has the most beneficial amounts of the nutrients that are the building blocks of our bodies.

Conventional Food these days are genetically engineered, either in a laboratory, or though selective breeding programs to create food that is more resilient to current farming techniques and shipping practices.

Organic food vs conventional food gives us unnatural products that have been created to last longer and be tougher compared to foods that nature created over time that break down easily and are more easily absorbed by our bodies.

It is a sad state of affairs that many people will feed their pets purely organic food, and yet think very little of shopping the middle aisles of their grocery stores, where there is little that is organic, for themselves.

Many want to give up the argument that organic food is more expensive than processed foods. Yet, if you really look at what you are getting, this is not truly the case.

Sure, foods that are labeled as organic, which by current definition means that it is not grown with harmful pesticides, cost more per pound. But in reality, the people who should eat organic food are the ones that have eaten so much processed, pesticide laden junk that they are paying through the nose to take in other dangerous chemicals in an attempt to mask the symptoms of what doing this to their bodies has caused.

Who should eat organic food, other than those that want to fill their bodies with toxins that have been added to the food to kill off pests, and want to eat more of it in order to get the nutrients that they need while filling themselves with things that they don't.

The body is an incredible mechanism for harvesting energy and the building blocks to repair and enhance itself. But only if you give it the things that it needs to do the job that it has evolved to do, over thousands of generations.

Philip Kustner

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