How did Brandy lose weight?

How did Brandy lose weight? During their first month of weight loss, Brandi and Kandi both managed to lose 40 pounds each. The first to qualify for gastric bypass surgery was Brandi, while Kandi needed to have her heart EKG readings improved before she could undergo surgery.

How old is Syrai? 

20 years (June 16, 2002)
Sy’Rai / Age

Who is Sy Rai Smith? R&B singer and actor Brandy’s daughter Sy’Rai Smith is stepping into the spotlight with a body-positive message. Smith made her TV debut on “The Real” on November 19 and opened up about her health problems, her weight-loss story and how her Grammy-winning mom encouraged her.

How old is Syria Brandy’s daughter? How Old Is Syria Brandy’S Daughter? Sy’rai Smith took to social media to showcase her weight loss journey. An image of Amy at her heaviest was followed by a photo of her newly slimmer frame. In a slideshow video of photos, the 19-year-old shared both images.

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Can you gain weight from Brandy?

Brandy gets it. You think she’s pregnant. Her weight gain is such a surprise to you that it can’t be anything but pregnancy. But in reality, the star said that the story behind her fluctuation in weight over the last year or two is actually because she wanted and needed a break from eating healthy 24/7.

How old is Brandy Norwood?

43 years (February 11, 1979)
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Who fathered Brandy’s daughter?

In 2002, when Brandy announced she was pregnant, she also said that she had secretly married the baby’s father, producer Robert Smith, a year earlier. Now, two years after daughter Sy’rai was born, and a year after the couple announced their split, Smith says they were never really married.

Who is Brandys daughter?

Brandy / Daughter

Who is Brandy’s daughter Sarah’s father?

There may be people who say that Brandy’s daughter Sy’rai looks more like her father, producer Robert “Big Bert” Smith, than her famous mom, but a new TikTok clip of the 19-year-old is sure to shake up that opinion.

When did Brandy have her daughter?

Smith is Brandy’s only child. She welcomed her daughter with record producer Robert Anthony “Big Bert” Smith in 2002. The “Boy Is Mine” singer is known for her slim frame, which Sy’Rai said caused her to “feel like the odd one out” and ask herself at times, “Why am I not that way?

How much money does Brandy have?

What is Brandy’s net worth? It’s been reported that Brandy has a net worth of $12 million.

How old was Brandy when she had her baby?

When Brandy was just 25 years old, she gave birth to Sy’rai Smith, who is her child with producer Big Bert. Her pregnancy with her daughter was very publicized. She had her own show on MTV called Brandy: Special Delivery, which followed her experience with expecting and having a baby.

Is Brandy currently pregnant?

<p>Brandy Denies Being Pregnant, ‘I Went On A Foodcation'</p> For years, singer Brandy has endured years of speculation and criticism about her body. This week she’s saying enough.

Is Big Bert married?

He and his wife Xochitl Jacques-Smith work together and have five children, Rain, Soleil, Sade, Robert (Tico) and Judah.

Who is pregnant on Moesha?

It’s frustrating enough to have one cliffhanger, but Moesha had two — the first being the outcome of a pregnancy test found in Moesha’s dorm. She and Hakeem (Lamont Bentley) were together, but it also could’ve been her best friend Niecy’s (Shar Jackson), or their roommate Alicia’s (Alexis Fields).

Did Brandi Redmond have a baby?

Cut to 2021: Brandi welcomed daughter Brilynn Mari Redmond in February. Brilynn is the youngest Redmond kiddo. Brandi is also a mom to three other kids: 12-year-old Brooklyn, 9-year-old Brinkley, and 3-year-old Bruin, whom she and husband, Bryan Redmond, adopted in 2018.

How did Brandi adopt a baby so fast?

Bruin was in the intensive care unit because he was born prematurely, so the Redmonds flew to meet him, Redmond raving that they “immediately fell in love.” Bruin came home a few weeks later. “It was so fast,” says Hollman.

Why did Brandi kids get kicked out of school?

She was certainly not subdued on the show: she constantly talked about poop and Jesus juice. Evidently, the administration at her kids’ private school did not approve of her behavior, to the point that they decided to kick her kids out!

Will RHOD be Cancelled?

After a season focused on race, RHONY ratings took a significant hit. Executive producer Andy Cohen recently announced RHONY will split into two series – one with some original cast members and another with an entirely new cast. Moon believes RHONY had an impact on the decision to cancel RHOD.

Who is Brandi Redmond’s husband?

Bryan Redmond
Brandi Redmond / Husband

Are Brandi and Bryan still married?

Suntex’s Redmond is married to Brandi Redmond, who starred on the “Real Housewives of Dallas” for five seasons, starting with the series premiere in 2016.