How Did Kevin Belton lose so much weight?

How Did Kevin Belton lose so much weight? It has taken me over two years but I’ve lost 130lbs. I exercise everyday with my wife & puppy Cookie Monster. I eat low carb (not no carb because that’s just not for me)& a lot smaller portions. It’s taken a long time &been hard but worth it.

How much did Kevin Belton lose? Kevin Belton used to be overweight, and he was also pre-diabetic and had rising blood pressure. These complications informed his weight loss journey, and he eventually lost over 130 pounds in two years.

How old is Kevin Belton chef? 

About 62 years (1960)
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Who is Monica Belton? Monica Belton – Founder and Chair – R.E.C.E.T. LinkedIn.

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How many kids does Kevin Belton have?

Kevin Belton is an American chef, best known for hosting WYES-TV’s New Orleans Cooking With Kevin Belton. He is a married man and has 2 kids.

What professional football team did Kevin Belton play for?

Belton played football for Louisiana State University for a stint in the late 1970s before transferring to Xavier University. He gave pro football a try, too, though injuries at training camp with the San Diego Chargers ended his sports career before it could take wing.

Where does Kevin Belton film his show?

Author and TV Personality

“Everybody says you make it look so easy,” he says. “I tell them, no, it is easy.” Taped in the studios of WYES-TV, NEW ORLEANS COOKING WITH KEVIN BELTON is a chance for viewers to meet a new APT host whose big personality is a perfect match for his 6′ 9” frame.

Where did Kevin Belton grow up?

The self-trained chef began cooking under the watchful eye of his mother and grandmother in the uptown New Orleans home where he grew up. From these talented home cooks Belton learned to prepare the venerable dishes of the city.

What is Kevin Belton’s birthday?

1960 (age 62 years)
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