How much weight did you lose after Nissen fundoplication?

How much weight did you lose after Nissen fundoplication? Neumayer et al published a study in 2005 in Surgical Endoscopy showing significant weight loss after Nissen fundoplication. He showed persistent weight loss of around 9 pounds at one year after Nissen procedure in a group of patients with an average starting BMI of 27.6.

How long does it take to fully recover from hiatal hernia surgery? Because this is a major surgery, a full recovery can take 10 to 12 weeks. That being said, you can resume normal activities sooner than 10 to 12 weeks. For example, you can start driving again as soon as you’re off narcotic pain medication.

Will I lose weight after fundoplication? Conclusion: Fundoplication combined with mediogastric plication produced a total recovery from gastroesophageal reflux disease and an excess weight loss of 62% in 87.5% of patients after 1 year of follow-up.

Can hiatal hernia cause weightloss? More serious hiatal hernias, also known as paraesophageal hernias, become larger over time and the stomach starts to rise farther into the chest. This sometimes causes significant chest pain after eating and can even cause weight loss and bleeding.

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Will my stomach shrink after hernia repair?

This appearance will not change with hernia repair. You will do best by dropping to your long-term stable weight (if you are not there already) prior to proceeding with any type of body contouring surgery.

What are the side effects after hiatal hernia surgery?

Complications associated with hiatal hernia surgery include:
  • abdominal bloating.
  • diarrhea.
  • difficulty belching or vomiting.
  • difficulty swallowing.
  • nausea.
  • recurrence of the hernia or reflux.

Should you exercise with a hiatal hernia?

Is it safe to exercise with a hernia? There are no restrictions on the exercise at all if you have a hiatal hernia. Exercise not only helps you lose weight but also helps in maintaining the overall health of your body and avoiding the development of certain symptoms.

How much weight do you lose after hernia surgery?

Most people can expect to lose between 35%-70% of their excess body weight one year after having bariatric surgery. restrict the amount of food that you can eat. Gastric bypass surgery creates a small stomach pouch and re-routes the small intestine.

Can a hiatal hernia make your stomach big?

Hiatal hernia does not increase the size of stomach. A general surgeon will repair the hiatal hernia. Unless you have a large umbilical hernia, it will not decrease your stomach (abdominal) size.

Can a hernia shrink if you lose weight?

Why is weight loss important for alleviating a hernia? Losing weight relieves excess pressure on the abdomen, which can prevent a hernia from developing, improve hernia symptoms, and avoid complications such as strangulation. Weight loss alone may be all you need to reduce the size of your hernia and eliminate pain.

Why do you lose weight after hernia surgery?

Lose Weight After Hernia Surgery

This extra pressure after hernia surgery can cause strain while standing or sitting. Losing weight can help reduce this strain from causing another hernia to develop.

Can fat be removed during hernia repair?

You can possibly have liposuction during a hernia repair, but you need to discuss this with your surgeon depending on the size of hernia and area desired.

Why is my stomach bigger after hernia surgery?

Why is my stomach bigger after hernia surgery? It is normal to experience swelling, pain and bruising at any surgical site, including areas post-op for hernia repair. Swelling is due to the presence of fluid at the surgical area as the body goes through its healing process.

How long does your stomach stay swollen after hiatal hernia surgery?

Some patients find that initially and for the first few weeks, food feels as though it is difficult to get down, this is usually associated with the swelling around the esophagus from the procedure. These symptoms may last 6 to 8 weeks after the operation.

How long will stomach be swollen after hernia surgery?

Since normal swelling after hernia surgery is part of the healing process, the body can take three to six months to get rid of the swelling. In patients with very large inguinal hernia that extend down to the scrotum, sometimes the swelling may be there for longer than six months.

How do I get rid of bloating after hernia surgery?

It is common for swelling of genital areas and fluid accumulation in the groin after hernia surgery; sometimes this can feel firm like a lump. Rotate ice packs or bags of frozen peas to help with swelling, up to 15 minutes per hour, for first 3 days.

Why is my stomach bloated 3 weeks after hernia surgery?

Conclusion. A swelling after abdominal wall repair can be caused by bulging of the mesh. A progressive bulging might be the result of failure of the mesh implant due to elongation. Mesh characteristics should be considered when choosing a feasible and suitable mesh for abdominal wall reconstruction.

Why does my stomach look bigger after surgery?

During your recovery, your activity level will be significantly reduced. This decrease in movement can lead to fluid retention, increasing your swelling and bloating symptoms. Without being able to engage in the physical activity you usually would, you may even recognise a small weight gain. This is completely normal!

When can I eat solid foods after hiatal hernia surgery?

After about four weeks, you should be able to eat a full range of foods. However, you are advised to: continue with small meals and between-meals snack if need to satisfy your appetite rather than large meals • continue to chew all foods well.

Do and don’ts after hiatal hernia surgery?

The first 24 to 48 hours: You can’t take baths, and you should wait to take a shower for at least a day. Fatigue is common, but you’ll be encouraged to take walks and perform light exercise. During this time, you’ll need to abstain from sex, and should not drive or lift anything heavier than 10 pounds.

When can you eat a salad after hiatal hernia surgery?

Weeks 4 and 5: Soft diet

You can now start eating soft food such as well cooked pasta, minced meat, flaked fish, well cooked rice, pulses and vegetables with plenty of sauce.